About Us

The Mission

We are training tomorrow’s leaders today through a Christian worldview of of character, leadership, financial literacy for faithful Christians.

Statement of Faith

M Power Learning Group fully believes…

  • Jesus is the Christ, son of the living God.
  • Jesus fulfilled the old testament prophesies concerning Him.
  • Jesus was born of a virgin mother in the flesh.
  • Jesus performed miracles including healing and raising the dead.
  • Jesus sacrificed himself on a cross for the forgiveness of sin for all mankind.
  • Jesus rose from the dead on the third day and appeared to many eye witnesses.
  • Jesus ascended to heaven where He reigns today.
  • Jesus is preparing a place for His faithful.
  • Jesus promised to return to take His faithful to be with Him.
  • It is by God’s grace that we have this promise!

It is our role to handle the word of truth correctly teaching mankind to be faithful in their lives until his return.



M Power Learning Group, llc | A New Mexico limited liability company | PO Box 66048, Albuquerque, NM  87193 | 505-250-1944

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