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Ariel Mordetsky of

Wow!  I just finished a powerful interview with Ariel Mordetsky of!  What a great interview full of valuable entrepreneurial and leadership nuggets.  He shared things from his personal life and a lot from his business success.  you’re going to love the interview on our podcast, Life 2 the Full.

Let me start by explaining what is and what they do.  In the real estate world, it is very common for people to search for homes in and around the schools they want their kids to attend.  Unfortunately, identifying the information easily to determine which schools are best is not the most friendly task.  Ariel and the gang recognized this problem and have come up with an online platform to grade schools and identify the listings around those schools that meet home buyers needs!  It is a brilliant idea.

In our interview, Ariel shared some great entrepreneurial start up tips and experiences that you’re going to love.  Make sure you tune in to the full show to hear it all, but I will highlight a couple of the nuggets here for you.

  • Identify the problem and look for the solution.  The best entrepreneurs are the ones who solve people’s problems.

  • Have a process to test your product: Make sure before you launch your product, it has been tested from every angle possible.  Do you have a process in place to do that before going live?

  • Your business should be scale-able: Does your product serve a single market or can it expand?  How can you scale it without reinventing the wheel at every turn?

  • Systematize: Everything in business should have a process and system so that it can be duplicated by your team when you’re not there.

  • Have a process & a Plan or road map: Make sure your road map accounts for the foreseeable “bumps” in the road to the best of your ability. Many bumps will arrive that you didn’t plan for so remain flexible.

  • Keep your Rolodex handy: If you don’t know what a Rolodex is, we used to keep people’s business cards in a wheel where we alphabetized them for easy access.  It is your database of resourcefulness.  Know who to call when you hit a bump.

  • Every Nickle Matters – Watch your spending and know your numbers.  It may seem like it’s “only a nickle”, but those nickles add up to dollars very quickly.  As a company grows, the nickles become millions FAST.

“Every nickle matters.” – Ariel Mordetsky 

There are so many more nuggets in this interview that you’re going to love.  It will air in a few weeks, so don’t miss it!  Ariel brought us some of his best material, so don’t squander the wisdom and the gift we’ve been given!  Enjoy! In fact Download the Life2theFull App!

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It has been a great morning already!  Thanks Ariel!

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