Relationships: Interview with Kevin Knebl

Relationships: the business of God with Kevin Knebl

Have you ever struggled with building relationships? Listen in to this interview with Kevin Knebl where he helps us unlock some of the secrets to nurturing long standing relationships that translate into sales and success.

Relationships: the business of God with Kevin Knebl

Don’t be fooled by the thought that this may sound like a sales and business type interview.  Kevin is a highly sought after relationship selling coach and speaker on the international stage. He was gracious enough to share a great conversation with us to help our audience with this phenomenon.  In fact, Kevin even shared that the very essence of our being is God’s paradoxical ways of making us relational.  God is in the relationship business and everything we do from selling real estate to working for an employer is relational in nature.

If you’ve ever wondered how to use Linkedin for a social platform, he gave some great tips on how to mine for relationship gold using the Linkedin toolbox.

I especially appreciate his story of how he met his wife!  You’re gonna love it!




This is a two part interview that is airing now.  You can replay both parts of the interview as well as download the app so you don’t miss any other shows of Life2TheFull.


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