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Consider the Ant: 3 Keys to Prosperity

Based on the Parable of the Talents, this talk focuses on the three keys to a life of stewardship that both honors God and rewards a faithful life. Handling money isn’t difficult, merely misunderstood.  You will learn about Stewardship, Increase, and Legacy.


Faith & Money: Live the 3 Keys

This talk expands upon Consider the Ant: 3 Keys to Prosperity, and it provides the “How To” that you can do right now in the areas of Stewardship, Increase, and Legacy.  Learn what real retirement planning can look like or how others can pay for future education expenses. Learn these and other tips the financial industry doesn’t want you to know.


Financial Literacy for Faithful Families

Designed with the home educating family in mind, this talk is about family discipleship and the family economy.  How did we become so dependent rather than independent?  We’ll teach you how you can take your freedom back!


Emancipation Proclamation: True Financial Freedom

How did we become a nation of slaves in the 21st century?  We wake up to punch the clock when Caesar tells us and go home when Caesar says we can. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive within each of us and, it’s time to awaken it once again to declare FREEDOM!


The Hagar Principle

In The Hagar Principle, learn how easy it is to abandon the promises of God to create what we want rather than trusting Him for our provision.  Living with consumer debt is essentially financing God’s promises.  Learn how to overcome debt and trust in the power of God’s promises again.




New Horizon: A Graduate’s Guide to God and Money

Today’s high school and college graduates are facing insurmountable difficulties when it comes to finding a job, starting a career, and paying off student loans.  Is college the right path for this generation?  Is starting your own business after high school the right path?  Does God matter in this decision process?  Based on the Parable of the Talents, this talk focuses on the three keys to a life of stewardship that both honors God and rewards a faithful life. You will learn about Stewardship, Increase, and Legacy.


My Money Tree

This talk is designed to instruct, minster, and encourage families with children ages 11-13 about God’s plan for handling money faithfully.  As a precursor to The Money Book for Teens, My Money Tree builds a biblical foundation of stewardship.  Do your children have a deep root system that will empower them to thrive in any storm?


Blended Families

This popular talk was originally designed as a    pre-marriage counseling program but has evolved into a multigenerational series. This talk centers on the idea that when two people get married they’re blending not only their personalities and ideologies but also their finances.   We’ll teach you how to successfully blend your family, your faith, and your finances.


Revolution through Restoration: Facing the Financial Crossroads

How do we return to God’s time tested principles of discipling the nations, homeschooling our children, and building family economies in a postmodern world?  Our culture does not teach the absolute truth of God’s inspired word.  Jeremiah 6:16 gives insights to restoring our financial relationship with God.  This talk explores the absolute truth that lies along the ancient paths.


Financial Apologetics

First developed by M Power Learning Group, this foundational talk is the first in a series about the need for a Financial Apologetic.  It challenges leading cultural lifestyles and mindsets regarding money and faith.  Audiences learn what scripture says about Stewardship, Increase, and Legacy.


First Fruits: First Generation Christians, First Generation Homeschoolers

Are we doing this right?  How do we know we are making the right choices? Is our legacy and love for Christ going to transfer to our children?  Will they carry on the vision of a family economy and a multigenerational faith? David shares his family’s experiences of how raising first generation homeschoolers breaks a generational curse by following in Christ’s footsteps. If you’re a first generation Christian, who do you turn to for encouragement, for discipleship, and for guidance?


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