UnDivided Devotion

UnDivided Devotion

What does it mean exactly to be UnDivided in our thoughts and in our minds?  How can a person live a completely focused and undivided life?  That’s a great question and begs for an answer.

Over the last several years, my life has been anything but undivided.  In 2007, I started working on my first book, Consider the Ant, which I’m sure many of you have read.  It didn’t start out as a book.  It actually started 10 years ago as a class I taught to help families get their finances in order.  I was still working in the mortgage business by day while developing and teaching that class in the evenings.  Let’s say my life started to become quite divided.  My interest shifted from the daily grind to a more purposeful direction.  The challenge I faced in those early days was the financial aspect.  I didn’t make any money doing what I loved, so I had to keep the day job where I hated going.

Over the last decade, I’ve actively written mortgages, owned a couple of companies, flipped some houses, did some rehab work, wrote six books, completed a degree program, and sold real estate to make ends meet.  All the while, I still have this burning passion to fulfill my purpose of speaking the truth into people through writing, speaking, and training.  I am deeply committed to the transformation of lives. Can you say that I’ve been divided in my devotion?

I’ve heard this saying in a variety of different ways. “It takes ten years to become an overnight success.”  I don’t know who said it, and I can confidently say that it was not me.  The apostle Paul said that he wrote these things (in the context of a marriage discussion), “that you may live in a right way and in undivided devotion to the Lord.” (1 Cor 7:35)

UnDivided.  Maybe you can relate?  In your marriage?  Are you divided in your interest with your spouse?  Maybe someone at work has caught your attention.  How’s that going for you?  Did you notice that your zeal for the Lord changed after you were married?  Suddenly your spouse, who was once attracted to your spirituality, is accusing you of not wanting to spend time with her or him?

Are you a student? Maybe you are undivided in your studies. Are you completely sold on the idea of the career path and discipline of study you’ve chosen?  Maybe you like your area of study, and you’re divided over going to the party or studying for your test.  Divided!  Maybe you are not happy in your career or job.  Regardless of where this UnDivided feeling comes from, what are you going to do about it?

There are so many areas of life that we get out of alignment with the very calling God gave us in the womb.  Being UnDivided means that we are able to devote our whole heart and being to whatever endeavor we take on in this life as called by God.  “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps 37:4  

Every one of us has a desire that is on our heart.  They are all different.  God will absolutely move us forward with those desires so long as they align with “delight” in Him.  Pretty cool huh?  Those desires still have a price to be paid.  They are not FREE as some might believe.

Over the summer of 2016, I was invited to participate in a full time ministry training program (where I am now in training).  The decision cost me a large deal financially and emotionally. We moved to one of the most expensive cities on the planet.  The hours are grueling and exhausting.  The work is endless.  The problems are great. My finances are a mess.  Relationships are strained.  With all of that said, I am 100% confident in my direction and purpose as handed out by God.  With the ridiculous hours and lack of sleep, I am walking into a place where I can fulfill my greatest passion of speaking the truth into people through writing, speaking, and training.  What it looks like doesn’t matter.  What matters most is who I am as an UnDivided and 100% committed man before God.

The other day, a dear friend of mine told me an idea about division.  Division is the opposite of UnDivided devotion.  Break this down for a minute.  Di = 2.  Vision = sight, insight, future, etc.  So are you living a life that has 2 or more visions for your future?  That is called Di-Vision.  In order to be UnDivided, you must get rid of all but that singular vision and purpose for your life.  It may take on many different forms, but the function is the same.

3 simple things to become Focused & UnDivided!

Write About It: 

I am a big fan of journaling.  As a young man, I thought this was such a girl thing.  I thought, “Journaling is for girls.  Men don’t keep diaries!”  Several of my early mentors encouraged me to write things down.  At first I wrote about silly things with no purpose.  Then, my writing developed into meaningful thoughts and developing ideas. Today, my journals are the place I dig for answers and wrestle with God over the deepest thoughts in my heart.  My vision comes to life based on how deep I am willing to go in my private journals.  After you write it down…

Pray About It:

Take your deepest desires to God in prayer.  Fast.  Mourn. Get excited.  Whatever you do, take these things to God and develop a focused intention that God will give you the desires of your heart.  Wait patiently in answer from the Lord.  He hears you.  After you pray about it…

Get to Work About it…

You wrote it down, and now you’re clear.  You’ve prayed and told God what you want to achieve.  Now get to work friend!  When Jonathan took his armor bearer into battle, he declared his purpose to go against the Philistines and took action to see what direction God was leading them.  Read about it in 1 Sam 14.  It takes massive action to take the Promised Land.  Read about the conquest and how Israel received their promised land in the book of Joshua.  They had 31 kings and nations to overthrow for that “FREE” gift from God.  

My prayer for you today is that you will learn how to become a man or a woman with an UnDivded Devotion to God in life and in purpose.

For more information on becoming a person of UnDivided devotion, you can reach out to me at Joshua@proverbs66.com.

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About Joshua Christensen

Joshua is a man of faith serving God for over 24 years. He currently serves as a bi-vocational Christian minister in Los Angeles, CA and a full time mortgage banker. He has served thousands of families in both capacities since the mid-1990's. He is author of 6 books and co-founder of M Power Learning Group and MASTERSacademy.