Unlock Your Mind

Unlock Your Mind

This may sound crazy to you, but do you have any idea how to unlock your mind? This has got to be one of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences you can imagine. Think about this: have you ever wondered why some people excel at something but don’t seem to be all that smart. You are incredibly smart and can’t figure out how to tap the success of these seemingly less smart people?

Unlock Your Mind

I’ve struggled with this concept for years until I learned the secret to unlocking the potential within my mind. Success is an attitude. Let me tell you a story.

As a young man, I lacked major character. I could not afford college and didn’t know that student loans or grants existed. I didn’t have a support system that knew how to help me. Like many young men I joined the military. As the result of my strong character I was sent home 7 months after joining. I had no idea where to go from there. One day while sleeping in til noon, my dad came in my room on his lunch break and gave me the ultimatum.  Get a job or get out! Or something along those lines.

With the vast number of skills I had acquired in my 18 year old life, I took on the illustrious pizza delivery business until I could find something better. Eventually, I landed in residential home construction framing houses.  Oh the joys of working for just over minimum wage. I thought I’d arrived.  I started going to college at night thinking I wanted to become an architect.  That didn’t last. I finished two classes.

23 years, 8 schools, 3 states, a wife, and 2 kids later, I finally graduated and earned my bachelor’s degree in business. I discovered in that journey that I had a mindset I adopted from my father and my step father around people who have degrees. It was not a good mindset mind you. So in my journey, I was extremely successful at sabotaging every effort I made to finish my degree.

Here’s the deal. Our mind is the central computing system that runs and operates our bodies, our thoughts and our actions. Only 10% of what we do comes from our conscious mind. The other 90% is subconscious.

When Jesus started his ministry, his first instructions were to “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near” (Mt 4:17 NIV).  The original Greek word used was metanoeo or metanoia. It means to change one’s mind for the better. In changing our thoughts, we change our actions.  The question then becomes, how do we do that?

It all starts with gaining a deeper sense of awareness to your subconscious mind that is controlling the game. It comes down to understanding your inner game and thought process. Listen to your heart.  How? Again, Jesus said, “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Mt 12:34, Lk 6:45 NIV).  Start paying attention and taking note of your words whether internal or external and you will start discovering your inner belief system.  Once you know it, you can change it, but not until then.

The reason so many people struggle to stop sinning is because they are trying to change their actions rather than their inner belief system. They have an incorrect understanding of the idea of repentance thinking it means to change their action when in fact it means to adopt an entirely new way of believing. This new belief system will produce new actions in keeping with the inner beliefs.

When you are able to unlock your mind, rewrite your beliefs, you can change the entire course of your life!

Be on the look out for our new course: Unlock Your Mind: Secrets to Success!

God Bless You!

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About Joshua Christensen

Joshua is a man of faith serving God for over 24 years. He currently serves as a bi-vocational Christian minister in Los Angeles, CA and a full time mortgage banker. He has served thousands of families in both capacities since the mid-1990's. He is author of 6 books and co-founder of M Power Learning Group and MASTERSacademy.